Bill Gates is Not Anymore the Worlds Richest Man! Meet Jeff Bezos, the New No. 1!

Bill Gates is no longer the World’s richest man. He has been replaced by someone else; yes, Bill Gates has come down to the 2nd position and we know you are eager to know who has occupied the 1st place.

Well, it’s none other than Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon. He has just become the World’s richest man, thanks to the surge in the price of Inc. shares.

Bill Gates has a net worth of $90.7 billion while Jeff Bezos has a net worth of $90.9 billion. This was declared after the shares of saw a 1.6 percent boost. Gates has been leading the list since 2013, but finally, he has found a replacement.

Amazon has progressed a lot in various categories especially groceries and apparel and this is the reason it has become a favorite of investors.

The retail giant has been dominating the market with its growth strategy, which has helped the share value shoot up from $237 to $1070.

Have a look at the top 10 list of richest people;

Rank   Name                         Worth (USD)                       Profession

1          Jeff Bezos                 $90.9 Billion                        Amazon CEO

2          Bill Gates                   $90.7 Billion                        Microsoft Founder

3          Amanceo Ortega        $83.5 Billion                        Founder Zara Clothing

4          Warren Buffett           $74.4 Billion                        Businessman/ Investor

5          Mark Zuckerberg       $68.7 Billion                        Founder Facebook

6          Carlos Slim Helu       $66.5 Billion                         Owner Grupo Carso

7          Larry Ellison             $62.1 Billion                         Co-founder Oraclen

8          Michael Bloomberg   $53.3 Billion                         Co-founder Bloomberg LP

9.         Charles Koch           $48.6 Billion                         Owner Koch Industries

10       David Koch               $48.6 Billion                         VP Koch Industries

The total value consists 81 million shares of Amazon, ownership value of “The Washington Post” and company “Blue Origin”, as well as cash that he got from sale of securities.

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