Big B thinks that Hollywood will Destroy Bollywood if Care is Not Taken. Here’s Why?

Bollywood is going through a crisis of sorts, with not any of their movies doing good in the box office except for the exception of one or two. And Bollywood actors are also choosing Hollywood movies to act in just further deepens the problem. With movies making loses through last year and things looking a little better in 2018.

Further, it is seen that regional and Hollywood movies are garnering greater crowds and Bollywood movies are getting rejected. Recently the movie Avengers: Infinity War crossed 100 crores mark in just 4 days and heading to the 200 crore mark now.

This is a definite sign that things are changing and that too for the worse and Bollywood should definitely look at the problem. Amitabh Bachchan during the promotion of his upcoming release 102 Not Out accepted that Hollywood Movies may damage the Bollywood industry. He also requested the audience to not patronize the Hollywood films.

When being interviewed by Indian Express, the Bollywood Big Gun said that everyone in the industry needs to reinvent themselves as nowadays audiences are exposed to a greater variety of movies which are from all corners of the globe, which is at time having greater quality than ours.

He also said –

“This I was told in 1993 when I was on a casual visit to New York and I met some studios who were wanting t meet me and they told me, ‘ You better get your house in order because India is the new frontier and Americans are coming.’ And everywhere Hollywood has gone, it has destroyed the local industry whether it’s England, Italy or Germany, they just come and take over. They have the money and the expertise. They have the quality and quantity. We are fighting against them.”

“So, whenever their films come out, please don’t patronize them because we are fighting against an ogre of Hollywood from overtaking us and destroying our industry. I spent some time with these young filmmakers and they think so big and massive. They don’t have any doubts about how to do things. They tell me, ‘We will do this and that,’ and I ask them, ‘But how will you manage?’ They assure me they know how to do it.”

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