Big B Blames Umpire for MI’s Loss to RPS! Gets Opposed by Twitter Fans!

Amitabh Bachchan is known for his powerful words; not only is he famous for his acting but is also popular for speaking his mind out on various current issues. Yesterday, he surprised everyone by speaking about the cricket match which took place.

Yesterday, there were lots of discussions after the match between Rising Pune Supergiants and Mumbai Indians and Big B decided to join the conversation.

It was a 50-50 situation for both, but Pune team managed to win the game in the end, when no one had actually expected. The credit goes to the WRONG WIDE BALL.

Well, everyone was furious at the umpire who didn’t call “Wide” as a Wide in the 20th over, Big B believed that it was because of the umpire’s mistake that Mumbai Indians lost the match. Here’s what he tweeted..

The internet was divided over this; some cricket freaks didn’t agree to this tweet of Big B and trolled him for his knowledge. They were firm on the fact that it wasn’t a wide ball.

Here’s what they said to him..

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