Beer Tailored to your DNA: London brewery creates the perfect pint based on your Genetic Code

London’s Meantime Brewery has launched a service that creates an ale personalized to your own DNA=based taste preferences. The service, Meantime Bespoke, will allow anyone to brew personalized beers based on their genetic code- provided they have $31,000 free.

Mr Giblin is the first brewer to make a beer based on his own DNA using genetic profiling to map a gene associated with taste preference.

As part of the service, customers have their DNA analyzed with a saliva sample by a personal genetics company called 23andMe to find genetic variants that could explain personal preferences towards specific flavors within beer such as sweetness and bitterness.

After the genetic analysis, Meantime’s brewers use the results to help them create the flavor profile for the personalized brew, before offering a one-on-one consultation with Meantime’s brew master to give their input on the process.

Meantime’s Brewmaster, Ciaran Giblin, has become the first brewer in history to brew a beer dictated by his own DNA – using cutting edge genetic profiling to map personal propensity to specific flavors.Ciaran has recently brewed a small batch of a Double IPA with a strongly bitter flavor profile, matched to his genetic inclination toward bitter flavors and aversion to specific sweet foodstuffs.Following the initial success of the DNA mapped brew, the craft brewer has today announced the launch of ‘Meantime Bespoke’, a one-of-a-kind service aimed at offering passionate craft beer fans the opportunity to brew the ultimate in personalized beer – using genetic profiling to individually tailor it to harmonize with their palate.

Customers can also get involved with the physical brewing process by adding hops, grain and testing the mixture.

Once the beer making process is done, customers get a minimum of 12 hectoliters of their personal beer, which is equivalent to more than 2,000 pints.

People can also name their beer and work with Meantime’s creative team to put their personal touches to the packaging design.


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