The owner of the brewery supplying Beer

Beer Entrepreneur Turns Dorm Joke into Reality: Deviced a Beer Pipeline to your Home

“To beer, cause and Solution to All human Problem”- Homer Simpson

When driving to the bar, you must have wondered what it would be to have Beer coming right out of the faucet. Well, it seems like someone turned this Dorm Room joke into reality.

A brewery located in Bruges, Belgium called De Halve Mann has laid down the world’s first underground beer pipelines. This connects the 160 year old brewery to its bottling plant outside of town to residents of the city.

Beer Pipeline Map of Bruge

The altruistic reason behind this idea, according to Xavier Venneste, the owner of De Halve Maan brewery, the pipeline will help in reducing the number of beer trucks driving in and out of the city.

It did take him 4 years to come up with this ingenuity, where he had to convince the city authority as well as local beer enthusiasts to contribute towards this noble cause. When asked about this, he said the following-

“We have several formulas: bronze, silver and gold. If you put in   €7500, you will receive for the rest of your days, every day one bottle of Brugse Zot; one case of 24 bottles of Brugse Zot Blong a year for life for €800 and one presentation bottle of 75cl of Brugse Zot Blond a year for life for €220.”

The Owner of the brewery supplying beer

And work it did. He received through crowd funding 10 percent of the total investment for the pipeline. Who would refuse such a great offer, anyway?

The beer pipeline is slated to open for customers on 16 September, will be able to pump 1,500 gallons of beer an hour.

The pipeline supplying beer

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