Auto Driver M@sturb@ated at a Pak Girl; She Played Smart & Taught him an Unforgettable Lesson

Living in modern society has its pitfalls, and one such pitfall is being a women in society. Society tells women to act and behave in a certain way and that is how women are supposed to follow the norm.

But, what happens when women are confronted by a world full of perverts who consider women to be just a object of pleasure and not human beings.

There have been many cases which have been reported of men m@sturb@ting at women which have been reported nowadays and it is safe to say that none of these men should go home without facing the wrath of their action, either go to jail or face a beating.

Shahtaj Qadir from Karachi, Pakistan, faced one such situation when she was returning home travelling in an Auto in Karachi. The autorickshaw driver openly m@sturb@ted while driving and kept staring at Shahtaj’s breasts. She narrated the whole incident on the social networking site Facebook and also posted a video.

Watch the video:

Usually we see women look away when such an incident happens and try to ignore the whole situation, but Shahtaj confronted the auto driver smartly. In fact, Shahtaj made sure that the auto rickshaw driver remembers this whole incident and gave him the befitting reply which will make him never repeat the action again in future. Shahtaj asked the auto rickshaw driver to stop near a police station and thrashed him badly to teach him a lesson.

The sad part of the story is that in modern society, women have to continuously fight with people not only for proving a point, but also making sure that they are safe in the world as it is their struggle and they have to fight to come out as a winner. You just can’t depend on someone else all the time to provide you safety.

Here is her Facebook post:

“Thanks to unavailability of Uber and Careem, had to take auto to home and this auto wala made this journey memorable by masturbating openly with constant stares at my breasts.

Long story short, I asked him to stop the auto near police station and beat the shit out of him which I’m sure he’ll remember for months!

Since harassment is the new normal now, here are some tips for my girls which might help them in such situations.

Don’t panic when you see a man near you masturbating. It know it’s ugly but try to keep yourself calm.

Try to make a video or capture a photo of him. Note the number plat if possible.

Ask him politely to stop the vehicle near any busy or crowded area (parking lot, shopping mall, mars, bus stops), police station is preferable.

Now the pig is under your control, beat him, kick him or try to gather the crowd near you but don’t let him go easily!

Girls! MUHAFIZ MARD is a fictional character our society has made to make us feel coward and weak, we’re our own protectors so stand for yourself!


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