Vijay Mallya Twitter Account Hacked

Loan defaulter Vijay Mallya’s Twitter account was hacked by the same people who had hacked into Rahul Gandhi’s and the Congress party’s accounts last week.

“My account has been hacked by someone called Legion who is Tweeting now in my name. Simply ignore. Will fix this,” Mallya said in a tweet.

“Outfit called Legion has hacked my e-mail accounts and are blackmailing me!! What a joke,” Mallya said in another tweet.

The hackers have posted several tweets on the network saying that they have knowledge of assets in various bank accounts held by Mallya, and passwords of various account.

“Hello, We are back with – Vijay Mallya’s assets at several banks. All Known passwords of Mr. Mallya,” the group tweeted.

Calling for public support, “the Legion” claimed that they will bring more information about criminals to bring them to justice.

“Support legion. We will bring you the info needed to bring these criminals to justice! We shall bring you more about this fraudster and conman over the course of the next few weeks,” the group said in tweets.

Mallya owes more than Rs 9,000 crore to lenders like SBI, PNB, IDBI Bank, BoB, Allahabad Bank, Federal Bank and Axis Bank, among others. He left the country on March 3 this year and is currently said to be in Britain. His passport was revoked by the Indian government.

Here is some of the tweets posted on the account:


This Swedish Couple Got Married The Indian Way

Niklas Aaronson and Tilda Henriksson two Swedish Couple got married with band baaja baarat and with the chanting of vedia mantras in the desi style.

Clad in traditional Indian apparel, Aaronson rode a horse throughout the ‘Barat’ that started from a guesthouse within the Assi ghat and reached the Panchratna Shiva Temple at Assi ghat. With mehendi applied on her hands, bride Henriksson clad in Banarsi saree and jewelry looked stunning.

The wedding party danced to the drumbeats during the ‘barat’. Some local guests also attended the wedding.

MS Dhoni First Cameo in a Never Released Bollywood Movie in 2010

M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story is certainly the most awaited film in our country right now. We’ve all seen him and loved on the cricket pitch more and more with every match-winning stroke.

MS Dhoni: the Untold Story

Mahi is actively promoting his biopic & with every video, our excitement shoots up manifold.

MS Dhoni: the Untold Story

And we were pleased to find out that he acted as a cameo appearance in a movie which is fact for Bollywood Trivia.


In 2010, Dhoni acted in a Hindi film, Hook Ya Crook. The film was directed by David Dhawan & starred John Abraham.

MS Dhoni: the Untold Story

Dhoni shot for the film but unfortunately, we never got to see him act, as the movie did not release. We found some pictures from the film’s shoot & surprise surprise, it was a cricket based movie.

The film never got released but after this piece of information, we surely wish it releases soon!

Amitabh Bachchan Lends Voice in this Video on Challenges faced by Modern Women

“Mummy ji ki roti gol, papa ji ka paisa gol!”

“I know you and Arvind are both VP’s, but the salary structure cannot change”

“Abhi has le tu, Kal se Bibi ka Shopping Bags uthaeyga”

These statements show the deep ingrained prejudices in our society that held them back for years. For centuries, Indian women have been told to look and behave in a certain way, such that her whole womenhood depends around her physicality. Women are looked at object of desire in our society and not just individuals. This affects her thinking and this treatment grossly undermines her potential and this, is an age old practice which even educated ones undertake.

Resolving to break free from all these stereotypes that lead to women compromising their freedom, this is exactly narrated by Amitabh Bachchan in his video where he sends out a powerful message:

Beer Entrepreneur Turns Dorm Joke into Reality: Deviced a Beer Pipeline to your Home

“To beer, cause and Solution to All human Problem”- Homer Simpson

When driving to the bar, you must have wondered what it would be to have Beer coming right out of the faucet. Well, it seems like someone turned this Dorm Room joke into reality.

A brewery located in Bruges, Belgium called De Halve Mann has laid down the world’s first underground beer pipelines. This connects the 160 year old brewery to its bottling plant outside of town to residents of the city.

Beer Pipeline Map of Bruge

The altruistic reason behind this idea, according to Xavier Venneste, the owner of De Halve Maan brewery, the pipeline will help in reducing the number of beer trucks driving in and out of the city.

It did take him 4 years to come up with this ingenuity, where he had to convince the city authority as well as local beer enthusiasts to contribute towards this noble cause. When asked about this, he said the following-

“We have several formulas: bronze, silver and gold. If you put in   €7500, you will receive for the rest of your days, every day one bottle of Brugse Zot; one case of 24 bottles of Brugse Zot Blong a year for life for €800 and one presentation bottle of 75cl of Brugse Zot Blond a year for life for €220.”

The Owner of the brewery supplying beer

And work it did. He received through crowd funding 10 percent of the total investment for the pipeline. Who would refuse such a great offer, anyway?

The beer pipeline is slated to open for customers on 16 September, will be able to pump 1,500 gallons of beer an hour.

The pipeline supplying beer

Acharya Balakrishna is Now Officially One of the Richest Man of India

Being a saint is not an man of no means. CEO of Patanjali Acharya Balakrishna is not officially one of the richest man of India. With the household popularity of Baba Ramdev the Patanjali products is well known brand in India. Being one of the fastest growing FMCG in India Patanjali is now being sold in big retail chain like Big bazaar and D-mart