Would You Arrest a Woman for ‘Stealing’ 3 Fries from your Plate, This Officer would

This news piece would absolutely surprise you. Consider taking 3 Fries from another person’s plate, it’s something anyone and everyone would do.

Woman Arrested for Taking 3 fries

This is exactly why a woman from Washington DC did, and the result she is facing Second Degree Burglary Charges. She casually took 3 fries from an Officers Plate at a Quite Restaurant. The officer was having dinner at this restaurant when two drunken women came and sat alongside him.

Woman Arrested for Taking 3 Fries

They started making small talk and soon enough when one of them reached for the plate and grabbed a fry.

When she in a drunken state reached for another fry, the officer politely asked her not to do that again as she was stealing the food he paid for.

Woman Arrested for Taking 3 Fries

This is when the lady told the officer “Well then you might as well take me to jail.” And the officer did just that and arrested her for stealing three fries from his plate.

Now that is some Food for Thought. Think about what the women went through next time your taking someone’s fries.

Here Are Things Nobody Will Tell You About Going To Study Abroad, But You Should Know

Study Abroad

You have finished applying for colleges, receiving the enrollment and the visa to go along with that. You have done most of the job; going to another country for your studies is amazing and exciting time for you. You will set new timelines, benchmarks and target you things which you hadn’t thought of. You are going to meet new people, see new places and new benchmarks that you’ll set for yourself.

You’ll be Independent for the First Time

For the first time in your life, you’ll be away from family and the best you can do is grabbing that opportunity with both hands and become independent. You will not have anyone telling you what to do and when to do it. You can set yourself a new timetable with the extra time on hand; you can, meet new people, foster new connection, and stay up a little later, go out whenever you feel like it. Things are exciting and interesting at the same time and you can take complete charge of where your life goes.

Be a little Crazy, who’s to judge you anyway

Study Abroad

When you’re so far from home, why not be yourself, not the one you are going to be in 3 months. Most people become mundane and look at tourist at why they are acting so crazy within a few months, so act crazy, try new things everywhere you go. Get Lost, ask for direction and absorb the new sights and sounds of the country your visiting. It’s only going to be some time before you become mundane, so enjoy that time.

Things can go out of hand, Don’t Sweat it

Study Abroad

At some point after when you arrive, you may get frustrated. Since you were planning for everything from across the world you might get some unexpected surprises with you accommodation or just jet lag. Give it some time you need to unwind and make decision after giving it some thought.

Keep an Open Mind and an Open Door

Now, that you are well rested, the next thing you need to do is make friends. Try to keep the doors of your dorm room open and your mind open to new ideas and thoughts. You can be less judgmental and open to new avenues. You can make friends from anywhere and anybody would be open to help you if you ask.

Remember Mom’s Recipes when your Abroad

Study Abroad

It’s a new country, the cuisine will be different, there will be many options from fast food to all you can eat restaurant. You will have enough chances to try out any and all of these options. But sometimes you will want to eat some home cooked meals just like Mom made it. For this purpose carry a hot plate and some supplies such as preservatives and good amount of Maggi.

Go One Step at a time

Study Abroad

Going through the motions in another country is not same as it would be in your own country. You might find yourself on the wrong floor more than once, you may take some time to get through people if you are unfamiliar, it may be frustrating and take some time, but don’t sweat it and continue your way as you wish it to.

You’ll be Homesick, Don’t worry it will get better

Life depends on you, you can be gregarious and thoughtful or just tired and irritable. You will feel that life is not same as it was back home. You will want to go back to familiar territory and the people you leave behind, don’t worry it will get better and the people you will miss are missing you more as time goes on. So make them proud and don’t look back.



‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Trailer Promises No Rules, No Punishments, No Secrets

As promised the sequel of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is in production and will be out on February 2017 and the theatrical trailer is out two year after the first film became an outright sensation. This sequel won’t have the luxury of years-long controversy over the subject matter, free media attention over who the cast member is going to be, months-in-advance think pieces. If the prequel was like the Da-Vinci Code, then Fifty Shades Darker is probably going to play closer to Angels & Demons.

Fifty Shades of Grey, the first movie inspired by Twilight bondage romance franchise, opened with a smashing debut weekend back in February 2015. The film starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, was a quick kill blockbuster earning $166.1m domestic but a whopping $571m worldwide on a $40m budget.

The good news is that starcast is back with Kim Basinger and Bello Heathcote, with director Sam Taylor-Johnson is not, having famously clashed with author E.L. James during the making of the 2014 blockbuster. In her place is James Foley and replacing Kelly Marcel as the screenwriter for this second installment is Niall Leonard. Worst Case scenario you’ll get a punny headlines for the movie if it fails to make the box office riches.