Parched, The Upcoming Production by Ajay Devgn, Isnt Just about Women, But Society

It may not be news that Ajay  Devgn’s Production ‘Parched’ is about to hit the screen this month. He has casted starts like Radhika Apte, Surveen Chawla and Adil Hussain, which captures the lives of rural women in the country. The movie has won many awards at the International Film Festivals around the world, and it is about to be released in the country now. Talking about the movie, Producer was quick to point out that the movie was not just about women.

Parched isnt a movie just about women

He said, “This film isn’t about women only, but also about the men.. where both are victims. It is the society pressure which forces men to do thing apart from the mindset. So, this film talks about tackling both the issues.”

Parched isnt just a movie about Women

The director of Parched talks about highlights issues like dowry system, physical violence, forced marriages, rape and mental cruelty against women. Adding to this Ajay Devgn added, “While you are making a film like this, as a producer, you should be ready for implications. As for the film, we’ve shown the reality, but sometimes they (CFBC) are also correct that after a limit, one can’t exhibit anything for the sake of reality. Therefore, I think makers should know their boundaries.. what to show and what not to. In this film, we didn’t face any trouble. The film deserves an adult certification and we got that.”

Did You Know Abhishek Bachchan Holds a Guinness World? Swear to God he Does

Abhishek Bachchan Does the Impossible

Abhishek Bachchan might not get the accolades he deserves when he stars in front of millions of us. He finds it’s easy to showcase his talent and does so through many memorable performances. But, we bet you did not know that he holds a Guinness World Record.

Yes, he certainly does hold the records for ‘Most Public Appearances Made By a Film Star in 12 Hours’. He broke the record by overtaking Will Smith who made 2 Appearances for his Movie ‘I Robot’ in 2004.

Abhishek Bachchan Does the Impossible

Abhishek did this feat while promoting his movie Delhi-6, he travelled to 7 major cities in India which included Ghaziabad, Nodia, Faridabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh and Mumbai within a period of 12 hours. He did this feat with a help of private jet planes and cars at his disposal. Pretty Cool! Isn’t it.

Anushka Sharma at her Witty Best While Playing with A Bunch of Kids

Ansuhka Sharma plays with kids in this park

Anushka Sharma epitomizes what Actors of her Generation are like, they are bubbly, chirpy and full of energy. She is as happy off screen as she is on. Even with the work in hand, she finds time to play with kids in this video. This video shows her human side, bursting bubbles while keeping her calm and cool persona. This is simply something out of this world!


Nargis made to prim and proper on a Family TV Show

Nargis is a total package; she is bold, beautiful and blunt. And that’s what we love about this woman. She perfectly represents the free-spirited woman of the 21st century.

Nargis told to pin up

She believes in stating her opinion and performing and living life to the fullest, she isn’t a shy girl and never takes things for granted.

Nargis is currently promoting her movie Banjo, and during her promotion activities she visits many reality TV shows. She was at the show, Dance Plus, where she wore a stunning teal-colored dress and might we add, carried if off pretty brilliantly.

You might want to add that she looked regal in the outfit, but that’s not what Dance Plus thought.

Nargis told to pin up

She was asked to pin up her dress as it was a ‘family show’. Nargis had to comply and pinned up her dress and appeared on the show.

Some people and us on our team consider an abomination on womanhood and feel that the moral police had not only wagged their fingers because it was revealing but she had to pin up her clothes in order to comply.

Nargis told to pin up

The family audience which they were talking about was you and me, and if this is how minutely they are censoring content, we might as well give up on television!

Creative Juices Change this Man from a Jail Bird to take these Striking Photos After Being Released

Life can take some serious turns, and despite plans changing entirely, some people among us manage to conquer such obstacles and succeed. This is one such story about a man who did not let a prison sentence jail his passion for photography.

Striking photography taken by a Jail Freed Person

According to Upworthy, a set of burglary and petty crimes put Donato Di Camillo behind bars, but he did not let prison stifle his creativity and spent his time usefully. Through the limited amount of literature of National Geographics, Time and other magazine he was able to teach himself photography and the world found out a talented artist.

Striking photography taken by a Jail Freed Person

He used this knowledge when he got out in 2011 to showcase his photography talent to himself and the world. Equipped with this knowledge and also some how-to books and youtube videos he was able to work his magic in front of his muses.

Striking photography taken by a Jail Freed Person

When Di Camillo was a child, his family did not have money to buy films for his poloroid camera. This did not stop him from taking imaginary photos of being on an African Safari and  capturing magnificent beasts in all their natural beauty, and dreamed of one day being an iconic behind-the-lens heroes of the world.

Striking photography taken by a Jail Freed Person

Once out of prison he set out in New York to capture a side of life distinctly different from what most of us are used to seeing.

Striking photography taken by a Jail Freed Person

Donato’s subject, his muses were the mentally challenged, homeless and mentally-ill, subjects who were interesting characters or just anything but ordinary from outside the city. He says that his street smarts and his life outside the normal conventional society helped him approach and connect with people that other photographers may struggle with.

“These people walk around, and they’re faceless.” He said. “I feel that everybody deserves a face.”

Striking photography taken by a Jail Freed Person

“I think we all relate to each other in one way or another, whether someone’s laying in the street or running a Fortune 500 company.” He added.


The Trailer of ‘Bastards’ Promises A Funny Ride and WE want to Hop Along

What do we get when you get two of the funniest actors in Hollywood, it shows a rib tickling fun format for people to watch. We got two actors in Owen Wilson from Bottle Rocket and other movies and from the Hangover Trilogy Ed Helms. These two act as Bastards in this movie. The movie starts with these two characters being brothers, when their mother goes and tells them that their father was a fictional character, it sends them on frenzied rabbit hole. They are trying to uncover who their father is and this gets them more information about their mother and the many details of the life she led.

The film looks quite a comic ride and also stars Glenn Close, J.K. Simmons and Terry Bradshaw among others. The scheduled release date of Bastards is January 27.

From Begging on Chennai Streets to Studying at Cambridge, See this story to Inspire

Ever seen impoverished children begging on the streets, you probably give them alms or food taking pity on them. Ever thought what the kid could achieve if he just had a chance, a shot at excellence? We have one such story which will make you believe in our mind.

Jayavel’s story is about the chance he had and the shot at glory he chanced. The 22-year-old grew up begging on the streets of Chennai, but today, after completing a course at Cambridge University, he’s all set to leave for another in Italy.

Street Urchin goes to Cambridge

Around the 1980s after the family had lost everything when their crops got destroyed, Jayavel’s family had to move from Nellore to Chennai in search for opportunities. Since the family had no source of income, they had to live on the  streets and beg for money, Jayavel also had to beg to fetch food and money for the family. In a statement he said

“We used to sleep on one such pavement. If it would rain, we would try to find other shelter in any nearby shops until the cops came and chased us away from there.”

Street Urchin goes to Cambridge

The turning point came when Uma Muthuraman of Suyam Trust found out about Jayavel and offered to help. Uma and her husband worked for upliftment of lives of children on the streets of Chennai when they met Jayavel. They were able to take him under their wings and were able to help Jayavel and his family get over their hesitance and enroll him in a school.

Jayavel’s life at this point took a turn for the better and he was able to succeed of the opportunity he was given.

Street Urchin goes to Cambridge

He scored well in his 12th standard examination and later cleared Cambridge University’s entrance as well. He got himself a seat in Glyndwr University in Wales, and studied ‘Performance Car Enhancement Technology Engineering’, a subject based on enhancing performance of race cars.

Jayavel is now going to Italy for further studies and is a role model for anyone who wants to make it big in life!

Raaz Reboot Review: Ethical ghosts don’t kiss married women!

Raaz Reboot is a Ghost Movie which stars two characters, our protagonists Rehaan and Shaina, they are living in Romania a.k.a. Dracula Land and they fall trap to the possession of a ghost, one who follows social norms, and does not respect the unsaid social mores. Offcourse, this is a Vikram Bhatt’s movie and the ghost does not kiss women who wear a ‘mangalsutra’.

What the two protagonists who are newly married is that Shaina is going to get possessed by a ghost. They are already going through a rough patch in their life, and this is the right timing for Aditya’s (Emraan Hashmi) entry. He is already well known for luring married women out of their commitment as has been seen through his previous movies.

Raaz Reboot

At the point the local priest is helpless as the ghost does not listen to him and keeps blackmailing him about his pasts in relation to kids and drives him away.

In this movie, you can spot cliché’s, such as Hotel Transylvania, a Gypsy Woman and this movie will surely take a lot of your patience.

Raaz Reboot

The movie continues with the clerics failed exorcism hurting the pride of God, and his reputation is at stake and that calls for some extreme measures. Soulful music will soothe your ears, and Emraan Hashmi is also there.

But, the experience is not one which you will forget soon.

Raaz Reboot

11 Reasons to Date a Chef, Isnt that Something You Would Love

Being a Foodie, and working your days around what you’re going to eat may be familiar with many of us. What makes Chef such an important commodity, is the flavor they add to your life, from the food you eat, to places you go too. Dating a Chef is added bonus to many, and I m going to List some Reasons for this in this article.
1. They Experiment Dishes, and even that taste’s better than our Gourmet DishesWhy to Date a Cook
2. You do not need to worry about finding a good place to eat. They know it allWhy to Date a Cook
3. They make mundane Dishes like Noodles, tastier when they Cook itWhy to Date a Cook
4. You can look forward to eating your Dabba At Work EverydayWhy to Date a Cook
5. There is always a nice smell in the HouseWhy to Date a Cook
6. They cook dishes which you never knew existed and do not know how to pronounce                         Why to Date a Cook
7. You never have to worry about Cooking anytimeWhy to Date a Chef
8. When you throw parties, you can stop worrying about Finger Food and DishesWhy to date a cook
9. You are the first person to taste the batter and the Cookies they MakeWhy to date a cook
10. You will know which Wine goes with which FoodWhy to date a cook
11. You will never miss Mother’s Home Cooked FoodWhy to date a cook

Would You Arrest a Woman for ‘Stealing’ 3 Fries from your Plate, This Officer would

This news piece would absolutely surprise you. Consider taking 3 Fries from another person’s plate, it’s something anyone and everyone would do.

Woman Arrested for Taking 3 fries

This is exactly why a woman from Washington DC did, and the result she is facing Second Degree Burglary Charges. She casually took 3 fries from an Officers Plate at a Quite Restaurant. The officer was having dinner at this restaurant when two drunken women came and sat alongside him.

Woman Arrested for Taking 3 Fries

They started making small talk and soon enough when one of them reached for the plate and grabbed a fry.

When she in a drunken state reached for another fry, the officer politely asked her not to do that again as she was stealing the food he paid for.

Woman Arrested for Taking 3 Fries

This is when the lady told the officer “Well then you might as well take me to jail.” And the officer did just that and arrested her for stealing three fries from his plate.

Now that is some Food for Thought. Think about what the women went through next time your taking someone’s fries.