From Karan Johar to Urvashi Rautela, Here are the Worst Dressed Celebs At IIFA 2018

The IIFA Awards are one of the most prestigious awards which are given during the year to reward those people who deserve for their performances in the films.

Every year the IIFA awards are held in a different location, and the movie stars, directors, producers and artists make it a point to attend the event and the media makes it a point to keep an eye on the dresses and looks of the B-Town celebs.

This year’s IIFA awards were graced by some very beautiful and good looking celebs and they wowed us with their elegant and beautiful dresses but there were some who can be termed as fashion blunders.

Here we have listed out celebs who failed to impress fans when it comes to dresses and makeup and it won’t be wrong to place them in the category of the worst dressed celebs at IIFA. Take a look:

#1 Radhika Apte

This hairstyle does not go with her outfit at all. What’s more, the dress itself is not so impressive.

#2 Urvashi Rautela

She definitely needs to have some more fashion sense and choose her outfits carefully.

#3 Nushrat Bharucha

Nushrat is a very hot and beautiful actress but her choices in terms of dress, make up and hairstyle are not up to the mark.

#4 Arjun Kapoor

Simple yet smart! @arjunkapoor looking sharp. #IIFA2018

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There is nothing much bad about Arjun’s dress but why this blue scarf Arjun?

#5 Konkana Sen Sharma

She definitely could have chosen a better dress, agree?

#6 Subhash Ghai

We wonder what made Subhash Ghai pick this outfit for such a big event?

#7 Karan Johar

Such bright pink does not at all suit KJo. Time to change designer?

20 Beautiful Fans Spotted at FIFA World Cup 2018. You’ll thank the Photographer for these Pics

The FIFA World Cup is going on in full swing in Russia and we have already seen two rounds of matches being played between the teams already. The great part of these games is that fans from all around the world have come to Russia to support their team.

As we have seen already that the die-hard fans from each country have thronged the stadium to watch the matches being played and it definitely brings the word melting pot of cultures to the mind. We have seen some crazy football fans from all across the globe.

This year’s world cup gave us some reason to smile and be happy. Not only have the matches been great we have seen some of the most beautiful fans from across the globe at the matches. Photographers have captured the “Cheering” moments of those pretty fans and made their photos super-viral.

There have been 100’s of girls who have been captured but today we will show the top 20 girls who made our list. I am sure you are going to love their style and charm.

Discover the Top 10 Monsoon Destinations of Incredible India!

Monsoon is awaited by people, and nature as the most important season of the year in India. The season plays an important role in everyone’s life and a country which depends on water from rain to run through the year, this is an important season. During the season everything seems to be happier, heaven appears on the earth due to the lush greenness, prosperity and exuberance.

Humans are the most intelligent species on this earth, and their mood changes with the advent of every season as it comes into full flow. And for everyone, the change of season unlocks something good, and brings happiness to everyone.

Don’t you agree? Doesn’t monsoon click something in your head? Is it monsoon destinations? If that is so then you must read on to find out the top 10 destinations for monsoon season.

You might agree that monsoon brings certain changes in the mind of the people looking for a change in their mundane life. Doesn’t it bring the fact that destination travelers wait curiously for this season every year.

It not only changes the way one carries themselves, thinks about themselves, what they eat and what they indulge in during leisure time. Overall, it is the way one’s mind and outlook gets influenced immensely during this season.

Mostly, monsoon last for three months starting in July and ending in September. Once the monsoon season ends during September, the weather takes a downward move and starts raining in southern India due to the impact of torrential rain in Northern regions and last till late October.

But if you are one of those people who love to travel during the monsoon season and check out the heavens present on the earth, don’t just laze around in this season, pack your bags, plan a trip to one of the most desired destinations present on the earth. Get going to encounter something near nature-you inhale the mildewed Fragrance of the mud and feel honoured.

India offers a wide parade of monsoon destinations, a restoring wonder, tolerant and amazing encounters in the lap of Mother Nature. The country also offers plenty of alternatives, regardless of whether you are taking a gander at a snappy long end of the week visit or an extended excursion, Indian monsoon is the thing that you have to experience first to cherish later.

Destination 1: Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra

Mahabaleshwar, becomes a hub of activity as its thronged by destination seekers during the monsoon season, and who is to blame, it will become your dream hill station. This is one of the top monsoon destinations, as known to be the land of Summer halt – Mighty Mahabaleshwar is snuggled all around with fresh greenery and is situated in the closest region of Western Ghats.

The region is straddled with lush greenery and is blessed with mild, subtle and striking climate which is a win-win for weekenders. So, if you are visiting Mahabaleshwar, Vienna Lake, Pratapgab, Parsi Point, are some must-visit spots. The time between June and October are the best time to visit the region.

If you wish to have the feeling to torrential rainfall, then plan your trip around the monsoon season and you will not be disappointed.

Destination 2: Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Kodiakanal, Tamil Nadu is one of those hill stations present in the south which is thronged by visitors all around the year. This region is known for its enchanting hills and surroundings. It stands as one of the best monsoon destinations in India. So, if you have planned a visit to this beautiful region you should plan it for a trip between May and September.

The climate is great all through the year, but the weather is even better between the months of July to August which influences you to encounter the season at your best. You may simply go out for a stroll along the Berijam Lake or set memories with your partner, as you walk Coakers walk, vivacious Chettiar Park or the sacred Kurinjiandavar Temple – Pillar Rocks, Guna Caves, you will love everything.

Destination 3: Munnar, Kerala

Munnar, situated in Kerala, is known as “The Green Envelop of India” offers a commendable amazing tint get-away to its vacationers. Its pleasing excellence will not only captivate your mind but will give you a lovely appeal particularly of wonderfully, the acclaimed blue Neelakurinjini.

This is a quiet region which is surrounded by thick vegetation which is known as a favorite travel destination in India. Looking for the best time to visit Munnar? It would be during the months of June to September which would be an ideal option, as the territory offers nature’s best perspectives.

Destination 4: Udaipur, Rajasthan

Udaipur, Rajasthan is known as the “the city of lakes” and is India’s loved gem. Visiting this city will get you to know and experience the charm the city has to offer. Visiting this place during the monsoon season will show the rarity which it has to offer. The powerful forts, sanctuary, famous city palace, artificial lake Pichola, Jag Mandir will definitely give you a glorious treat. The perfect time to visit the city is between July and September as the lakes renew its excellence.

Destination 5: Shillong, Meghalaya

Shillong, also known as the “Scotland of the east” has been providing a respite to travelers from surrounding states and the rest of the country for decades now. It delicate breeze, flawless excellence and tidiness make it an excellent hill station to visit in India. The Nohkalikai Falls, Elephant falls, Butterfly gathering house, and Don Bosco Exhibition House, are must-visit places when visiting Shillong. Although the monsoon is a predominant season, the best time to visit is mid-March and June.

Destination 6: Darjeeling, West Bengal

Darjeeling has been a favorite hill station to visit during the monsoon with all visitors in India. As it a favorite hill station and a summer adventure spot for foreign travelers. Visit the city and experience the appeal of glimmering legacy ropeways, famous dawn points, Toy Train ride, Batasia – the most astounding elevation and much more. The monsoon season begins in June and keeps going up until September.

Destination 7: Ranikhet, Uttarakhand

Ranikhet is the perfect place to visit during monsoon. As you make through the city the underlying foundations of conventional culture will surely give you an ardent experience. It rains continuously and remains foggy or cloudy for maximum times.

To visit the place during all its beauty it is better to visit during the month of July. The monsoon leaves the region to create its own numerous social and games exercises.

Destination 8: Wayanad, Karnataka

Wayanad is monsoon’s call for vacation ponders. Wayanad brags of Banasura Sagar Dam, tranquil backwaters, courageous Chembra Peak, svelte cascades are only a couple of the numerous nature contributions of Wayanad. A visit to Wayanad certainly requires different visits; the customary surroundings will undoubtedly make rich memories for its travelers. From the start of July to September is the perfect season to plan an outing to Wayanad as it exhibits genuine green.

Destination 9: Mandu-Madhya Pradesh

Mandu-Madhya Pradesh called as abundant nature spot is undoubtedly a must visit place amid monsoon season. The season conveys liveliness to the surroundings of Mandu. The trees in every monsoon bring cheerfulness and this makes the grass be greener, brighter and welcoming.

The prescribed time to visit is at the beginning of monsoon i.e. in between July and September.

Destination 10: Coorg, Karnataka

Coorg is the home to coffee makers and a favorite monsoon spot for all destination lovers. Apart from that, the Buddhist Monastery, the Elephant Par, the Lust green plantations, early morning dew and the mesmerizing dew drops of rain makes the place the most admired destination during monsoons. The best time to visit the place is in late June till late September.


Japan Official Receives a Pay Cut because he took Lunch Break 3 Minutes before Time

We all take our jobs and work easily and we generally work our normal work day around the lunch and break hours. We understand that working is important but we have so many things which are dearer to us, like watching the world cup. Many a times, we come to work late and return home early and we do this without being scared of being fired.

We have to thank our bosses and company that we can do this without being scared of the consequences. This is even more the case because a Japanese worker just received a pay cut for taking lunch break 3 minutes before time.

As per NDTV, a city spokesman told that the official works at the waterworks bureau in the western city of Kobe. He was fined because this was the 26th time in the last seven months that he did take the lunch break early.

The spokerman told AFP-

“The lunch break is from noon to 1 pm. He left his desk before the break.”

The surprising fact of the whole incident is that the person got a half day pay cut for his actions, and the bosses called a news conference to apologize. Speaking to the reporters, a bureau official told-

“It’s deeply regrettable that this misconduct took place. We’re sorry,”

According to the bureau, The worker was in violation of a public service law and officials have to concentrate on their jobs.

This has sparked an intense debate on social media in Japan.

Auto Driver M@sturb@ated at a Pak Girl; She Played Smart & Taught him an Unforgettable Lesson

Living in modern society has its pitfalls, and one such pitfall is being a women in society. Society tells women to act and behave in a certain way and that is how women are supposed to follow the norm.

But, what happens when women are confronted by a world full of perverts who consider women to be just a object of pleasure and not human beings.

There have been many cases which have been reported of men m@sturb@ting at women which have been reported nowadays and it is safe to say that none of these men should go home without facing the wrath of their action, either go to jail or face a beating.

Shahtaj Qadir from Karachi, Pakistan, faced one such situation when she was returning home travelling in an Auto in Karachi. The autorickshaw driver openly m@sturb@ted while driving and kept staring at Shahtaj’s breasts. She narrated the whole incident on the social networking site Facebook and also posted a video.

Watch the video:

Usually we see women look away when such an incident happens and try to ignore the whole situation, but Shahtaj confronted the auto driver smartly. In fact, Shahtaj made sure that the auto rickshaw driver remembers this whole incident and gave him the befitting reply which will make him never repeat the action again in future. Shahtaj asked the auto rickshaw driver to stop near a police station and thrashed him badly to teach him a lesson.

The sad part of the story is that in modern society, women have to continuously fight with people not only for proving a point, but also making sure that they are safe in the world as it is their struggle and they have to fight to come out as a winner. You just can’t depend on someone else all the time to provide you safety.

Here is her Facebook post:

“Thanks to unavailability of Uber and Careem, had to take auto to home and this auto wala made this journey memorable by masturbating openly with constant stares at my breasts.

Long story short, I asked him to stop the auto near police station and beat the shit out of him which I’m sure he’ll remember for months!

Since harassment is the new normal now, here are some tips for my girls which might help them in such situations.

Don’t panic when you see a man near you masturbating. It know it’s ugly but try to keep yourself calm.

Try to make a video or capture a photo of him. Note the number plat if possible.

Ask him politely to stop the vehicle near any busy or crowded area (parking lot, shopping mall, mars, bus stops), police station is preferable.

Now the pig is under your control, beat him, kick him or try to gather the crowd near you but don’t let him go easily!

Girls! MUHAFIZ MARD is a fictional character our society has made to make us feel coward and weak, we’re our own protectors so stand for yourself!


Sanju’s Climax was Changed on Demand of an Actress and She was not Madhuri Dixit

The Sanjay Dutt Biopic will be released this month and there is more than its share of hype about the movie ‘Sanju’ which has led the fans wait for the movie seem even longer.

The fact that the movie will give an inside look into the life of Sanjay Dutt who is this larger than life star and adding to that the trailers which have been released show the life of Sanjay Dutt has made people even more curious. There have been many news and controversies about Sanju lately.

Ranbir Kapoor is currently on the promotional spree of the film and is doing regular appearance and interviews to create its awareness.

And during one such interview with Rajeev Masand, Ranbir Kapoor admitted that there was a change in the climax of the movie after the script was read and it was done by suggestion of none other than her mom and former actress Neetu Kapoor. Ranbir kapoor said that he always takes suggestions from his mother whenever a script arrives and before selecting a movie which is what he did with Sanju.

Ranbir Kapoor said that Neetu liked the script, but she wanted some changes in the climax and director Rajkumar Hirani agreed to do it. Here’s what he said –

“My mother was the first person I took the story to. I always take her opinion on any script I am offered. And she loved it. She just had one slight issue with it which she herself told Raju sir and Raju sir was happy to make the changed which in turn also changed the dynamic of climax of the film.”

FIFA World Cup 2018 Reporter Kissed & Groped on Live TV. Shares Video

The FIFA World Cup is currently in the group stages and fans are coming in the tens and thousands to the stadium to support the team. And where there are fans that are crazy about Football, there is bound to be controversy which follows.

Recently, a journalist who was covering the World Cup was groped and kissed by a Football fan on Live TV.

This journalist Julieth Gonzalez Theran who is from Colombia was covering the Colombia vs Japan game when a fan came near her, kissed her and touched her breasts.

She’s working for Deutsche Welle. After the incident the journalist shared this video on Twitter.

As you can see in the video all of this happened in a heartbeat, the recording was going on when out of the blue a fan came on camera, kissed her on the cheek and ran away in no time.

As of now, there is no clear information of whether the man was a local or from another country.

After the fan went, she continued to report. She said,

“I had been at the scene for two hours to prepare for the broadcast and there had been no interruptions. When we went live, this fan took advantage of the situation. But afterwards, when I checked to see if he was still there, he was gone.”


Video Footage of Dinesh Chandimal’s Alleged Ball Tampering is Out

Sportsmen do a lot of things to make things work for them on the field, whether it is working out all through the day, maintaining a strict diet or anything in between. Sometimes they end up doing things during the game which do not make any sense at all. They are driven by the reward of victory so much that they lose sight of what is right and what is wrong.

Cricket is one such sport which brings out such emotions amongst its players, a few months ago a ball tampering scandal rocked the cricketing world, when gAustralian cricketers Steve Smith, Cameron Bancroft and David Warner were caught tampering the ball by rubbing it with sandpaper.

Strict action was taken against these players and they were banned from the game for a year. This time around there is another video which has cropped up, featuring Sri Lankan skipper Dinesh Chandimal. Yes, a video has surfaced online and guess Chandimal is in serious trouble.

ICC has charged him with charges of ball tampering. This happened during the 2nd day of the 2nd test between Sri Lanka and West Indies at Gros Islet Stadium. The ball’s shape is somewhat unusual.

The umpires were suspicious of the condition of the ball and hence changed the ball. The fun part is that Dinesh Chandimal and the Sri Lankan Team were not happy with the decision and this lead to a 2 hour delay on the 3rd day.

However, Chandimal did not accept the ball tampering charges being put on him. But the video of Chandimal doing something to the ball is being circulated online.

Chandimal is seen putting the ball in his pocket and scrubbing it and then taking it out and putting saliva on the ball. It is suspected that saliva has some sweet content which could help the ball swing.


Day 4 Collections of Race 3 are Out. It has had a strong Monday

Race 3 is by far the most awaited movie of the year, and it has lived up to the promise, with amazing action and great acting it has defeated its competitors and passed the Rs 100 Crore mark in just the fourth day.

It is amazing to see how Race 3 moved to the top of the pile irrespective of the fact that it wasn’t so great in some department, but Salman fans have flocked to the theaters because they did not want to miss the Eid release.

After a bang on weekend where it collected more than 80 crore, it was time for the Salman starrer to break the box office again through its Monday numbers, and it has surprised everyone with good numbers on the 4th day.

Even though Monday was a working day, the theaters was filled with fans who wanted to see Salman in action, and the numbers are not to any bad either. Here’s what Taran Adarsh tweeted about the numbers;

The numbers are great, and it shows that the movie collected 14.24 crores on Monday, thereby taking the total to a whopping 120.71 crores.

As compared to other movies, the collections are great. And as it is a Sallu starrer, we expect numbers to grow even better in the coming days.

Day 1 – 29.17 crores

Day 2 – 38.14 crores

Day 3 – 39.16 crores

Day 4 – 14.24 crores

Virat is Paid Way More than Dhoni. Check out Revised Salary of Cricketers in 2018

Cricket is in our blood, and the national team is followed by the whole country. It is safe to say that cricket is a religion and cricketers are worshiped like gods by many fans in our country. It is hard to think that we have the best cricketers and sports personalities in the field and we also have the richest cricketing body (BCCI) which caters to the needs of everyone playing the sport in the country.

And as far as salary is concerned, it is the best renumeration possible for any cricketer and sportsmen in regards to the payment. It is safe to say that cricketers in India are some of the richest athletes present on the planet today and who would disagree with the amount of work they put in on a daily basis to work on their fitness and preparation for each game.

Keeping this in mind the the BCCI has revamped their contract structure for the year and the annual salary of Top 5 players has almost doubled up. Additionally, they have added a new category ‘Grade A+’ to ‘Annual Player Contracts’ and the player who represent their country in all the three formats are placed in this group.

Top 5 cricketers Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Jasprit Bumrah and Bhuvneshwar Kumar have made it to Grade A+ and will be paid a whopping annual salary of Rs.7 crore while MS DHoni is in Grade A with the annual salary of Rs. 5 crore.

Here’s the complete list:

Grade A+ Players: Annual Salary – Rs 7 Crore

  1. Virat Kohli
  2. Rohit Sharma
  3. Shikhar Dhawan
  4. Bhuvneshwar Kumar
  5. Jasprit Bumrah

Grade A Players: Annual Salary Rs 5 Crores

  1. MS Dhoni
  2. Ajinkya Rahane
  3. Murali Vijay
  4. Cheteshwar Pujara
  5. Wriddhiman Saha
  6. Ravichandran Ashwin
  7. Ravindra Jadeja

Grade B Players: Annual Salary – Rs 3 Crore

  1. Umesh Yadav
  2. KL Rahul
  3. Kuldeep Yadav
  4. Yuzvendra Chahal
  5. Hardik Pandya
  6. Ishant Sharma
  7. Dinesh Karthik
  8. Mohammed Shami

Grade C Players: Annual Salary – Rs 1 Crore

  1. Suresh Raina
  2. Kedar Jadhav
  3. Manish Pandey
  4. Karun Nair
  5. Axar Patel
  6. Parthiv Patel
  7. Jayant Yadav