Aussie Cricketer Fawad Ahmed Forgot his Bat While Going to Bat! Watch this funniest moment in Cricket!

When Western Australia and Victoria faced each other during Sheffield Shield, an amusing and funny incident took place which lightened the atmosphere of tension. The Pak-born Aussie batsman, Fawad Ahmed, walked out for batting and guess what, he forgot to take his bat with him!!

The cricketer made sure whether he had all the necessary items like pads, gloves, etc. However, as soon as he discovered that he forgot the most important thing, i.e., his bat, he swiftly moved to the dressing room. Luckily, his bat was handed over to him by a Victorian teammate.

Even though Ahmed thought that his brain fade moment was not observed by anyone, the cricketers of Western Australia burst into laughter. The batsman also showed a cheery spirit and laughed with them. As luck would have it, that bat couldn’t be used for long in view of the fact that the player could bat only seven balls and failed to score even a single run and the team was bowled all out, making 322 runs.

Watch the Video of the Hilarious Incident:

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