Another Attack on Indian Families in America! Guy Films Indian Families & accuses them of taking Away American Jobs!

Since Donald Trump has taken over the office of President, things have gone from bad to worse for Indians living in America. After shooting of an Indian Engineer in Kansas and a Sikh Man, Indian Families at a Park in Ohio have been targeted.

Now, there has been a secret video which has been uploaded by Steve Pushor (66) who has uploaded on an anti-immigration website where he takes a walk through an Ohio city Columbus’s suburban park which he titles ‘Welcome to Columbus Ohio Suburbs – Let’s Take a Walk to Indian Park’.

Steve who is a computer engineer from Virginia, is heard talking on the video saying how he is furious how people from foreign countries (India) occupy the space. He also says how wealthy Indian families have eaten up the jobs of Americans.

The video has been secretly filmed and in this, Steve says that Indian crowd has ravished the Midwest.

Pushor has recorded the video of Indians relaxing and taking a stroll in the park, he mainly accuses Indians of taking away the jobs of US professionals. Not only this; he also sarcastically described the park as ‘Mini Mumbai’. He says.

We understand that many Indians have moved from India to America to take up jobs in the IT sector but this is not due to any wrongdoing on their side and only due to their talent. The way Indians are accused of taking away jobs from Americans is so very wrong, don’t you think so.