American Media addressed Deepika as Priyanka, Watch what her reaction was?

When a celebrity is addressed as a different person, then it is definitely an awkward moment for her/ him, isn’t it? This was exactly what happened to Deepika when she arrived at LAX airport. And this can get extremely frustrating if the person they are referring to is a competitor.

When Deepika landed in Los Angeles International she was guided out of the airport when the paparazzi started clicking photos, she was repeatedly introduced to the media as Priyanka and this created quite a little controversy. But Deepika was able to hold her ground, but the reason for this is pretty innocuous, the American Media are finding it difficult to differentiate between the two even though the two hot beauties looks poles different.

Many times, both these actresses have been compared in terms of fashion and acting, but wrongly addressing Deepika as Priyanka was a Mistake!

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