American Guards Expect Mrs Modi along with Mr Modi! Open the Door and No One Comes Out! Video!

#ModiTrumpMeet was trending the whole day as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met US President Donald Trump yesterday. All the Indian Americans were super excited for the much-awaited meeting.

Narendra Modi is the first leader to be invited to the White House, had a one-on-one interaction with US President Donald Trump and also held a joint conference for the media post interaction.

This is not the end as he then moved for a cocktail reception and then a working dinner with the First Family of the United States.

After that, a red carpet welcome awaited PM Modi on Monday, with President Trump and First Lady Melanie Trump waiting to greet him at the White House. This much respect and welcome, but it is a small video from the meeting that has gone viral here in India.

Want to know about the video? Well, a TV grab showing two guards waiting to open the doors of Modi’s car for his wife has generated lots of buzz and has made many fingers wagging.

What happened is when the car of Prime Minister arrived at the White House, the guard on the other side opened the door for his wife but is left hanging as he there’s no one apart from Mr. Modi himself who already came out from the other door.

The whole situation must’ve been very awkward for the guards and hence it’s being talked about by people. Ever since the video is shared on Twitter, it has got hundreds of likes and rt’s. Have a look-

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