How Twitter reacted to NDTV Ban

The media and opposition parties conveyed sharp condemnation when it came to the Information and Broadcasting Ministry’s decision to ban NDTV India for a day on 9th November. The center had banned the channel because of their coverage of the Pathankot attack. The naysayers also called this an attack on the democracy of India calling this decision reminiscent of Emergency Days.


Most of the non-BJP parties and media bodies also demanded an immediate withdrawal of the ban and some members of parliament had some criticism regarding this whole issue. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also suggested that all newspaper and media channels should go off air and not publish on that day as a mark of solidarity with NDTV.

This was also seen on TV today where NDTV India’s Primetime show hosted by Ravish Kumar called on a set of panelists on his show who were actually ‘mimes’ and they showed the country the opinion of people under this current regime. The mimes were seeing mocking the current political climate in India and making all kinds of gestures which would be little any central government organization.

The twitter followers also had some sharp statements to be made in light of this current situation, while most of them were in support of the channel, some of them had clearly made vocal their dissent on the content of the channel.

The Editors Guild called this as a “direct violation” of the freedom of the press and similar sentiments were expressed by the Broadcast Editors’ Association(BEA). The Editors Guild of India strongly condemns the unprecedented decision of the inter-ministerial committee of the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to take NDTV India off the air for a day and demands that the order be immediately rescinded. The decision to take the channel off the air is a direct violation of the freedom of the media and, therefore, the citizens of India, and amounts to harsh censorship imposed by the government reminiscent of the emergency, the Guild said in a statement.

The Center has also come out with a statement saying that a 1 day NDTV ban is in interest of safety and security of nation, according to Venkaiah Naidu. According to some NDTV should not only be banned for 1 day but probed for its source of Foreign Funds.

Omar Abdullah also tweeted, “NDTV India ordered off the air, opposition leaders detained for wanting to show solidarity with family of dead soldiers. Ache din anyone?”

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