Adopt a Dog from the Army here in Delhi and Bring home a bundle of Joy

Dogs are known as Man’s best friend, and they are, they play important role of companion, protector and guide at the same time. They don’t just guard our homes, some selflessly guard our country.


As canine officers, these dogs are taught and disciplined to serve and protect the nation. But, the reality is that once these dogs grow older they are euthanized for their excess age and lack of agility. This is the reward for serving the country for years, and this is how it has been for years now.

Here is something you can do for these four legged heroes which will bring life back away from this harsh tradition. Take home a bundle of joy, both Pedigrees and Indies will be available from 5-6th November between 4-8pm at Select Citywalk Plaza in Saket.


Organized by Pet Fed, the event has military dogs which are extremely well behaved and can sniff out criminals and protect your homes from bad people as they have received commando training. Here is the application form to adopt one of these furballs.

For this adoption drive, let’s step up and give dogs the love they deserve.

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