Adding these Contacts will Help Ensure Your Phone Never AutoCorrects ‘Fuck’ to ‘Duck’

While growing up ‘Shit’ was the term used for everything. If someone asked you how your exam went. You would nonchalantly answer ‘Shit’. It was used for every feeling whether it was happiness, disgust, surprise or anything. Now this term has been replaced by ‘fuck’.

Replace Fuck for Duck-Never

Now that the relevance has been explained, it can totally sense the number of times we use this word while texting and the phone auto correct it and fails to recognize the word.

Replace Fuck with Duck- Never

The only response to this is a weird method, to add ‘fuck fucker’ and ‘fucked fucking’ to your iPhone contacts which will make your iPhone much cooler and this solution works on Android Phones too.

Replace Fuck with Duck

Seriously speaking most of you would consider why you hadn’t added this as some contacts in your phone.

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