A Petitioner Files A Complaint Against Sidhu for Cracking this Vulgar Joke On TKSS!

Alongside the controversy surrounding the Kapil Sharma Show due to the recent verbal battle between the show actors, there is another controversy regarding Sidhu’s presence on the show. Captain Amarinder Singh had sought legal advice about Sidhu continuing his TV career; since he’s the minister of Punjab, the CM doesn’t want him to concentrate on both the things simultaneously.

Forget that! Now, Sidhu is surrounded by one more trouble and the reason is again Kapil Sharma Show.

A senior advocate Arora, has filed a PIL against Sidhu in the Punjab and Haryana High Court due to the vulgar jokes which he cracked on Kapil’s show.

He referred to Saturday’s episode which had Ayushman Khurana and Parineeti Chopra as the celebrity guests. Reportedly, Arora was watching the episode with his family members and he was too embarrassed on seeing such jokes coming from Sidhu, Arora believes that such vulgarity is punishable under IPC.

Tribune didn’t mention for which joke the PIL was filed but we guess it could be when Sidhu shared a Joke & said,

“Hamare idhar ek bahut mote insaan they, thode buzurg bhi they.. wo bathroom karke bahar aaye.. Maine kaha paaji tuhada post office khula hai.. Wo Kehta, kaake jin tizoriyo ke khazaane lut jaate hain, un par talle nahi lagaate..”

Now Arora has demanded an apology from Sidhu and asked Amarinder Singh from stopping him from doing the show. The petitioner has said that if he doesn’t stop appearing on the show it will affect his performance on the government.

This joke is simple and not too shameful. Why should he get punished for what jokes he makes on TV.

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